Amie specializes in


Color | Highlight | Balayage | Ombre

While color evolves and techniques change, Amie has always advanced her skills with the best education. She prides herself in using the best color that far exceed the competition. Amie currently uses Keune Tinta Color and Keune Semi Color. The advanced formulation of Tinta Color offers improved coverage, unsurpassed brilliance and shine, and protection from UV damage to prevent fading and enhance shine. What more could you want!


Women’s Cut | Men’s Cut

Amie has kept her skills sharp by continuing her advancement in techniques with Toni&Guy as well as other educators. A great haircut takes precision and attention to detail.


Keratin Complex

This revolutionary smoothing system infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to ninety-five percent of frizz and curl and leaving the hair smooth, shiny and luxurious for 3 to 5 months. Our clients refer to this Therapy as “life changing”; making hair smoother and silkier, straighter and shinier, easier and faster to blow-dry, and close to being “maintenance-free.”


Styling | Weddings | Photoshoots

Whether it’s your wedding day or a night on the town, Amie can create a perfect look for you.  She has been trained in styling by the legend himself, Martin Parsons.



Amie offers makeup services for any occasion. From a night out, prom, or a full airbrush for your wedding day, Amie can help you create a flawless look.

Hair Lingerie

A Healthy Alternative to Hair Extensions

Hair Lingerie

Hair Lingerie is designed to address a specific customer issue: hair damage from extension use.  Many people are experiencing moderate to severe hair damage as a result of poor extension products and application practices. Hair Lingerie will not damage hair and you will actually experience hair repair while having the hair you have always wanted.

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Can anyone wear Hair Lingerie?

Yes! Anyone can wear Hair Lingerie Hair Extensions! it is highly recommended for clients who have had previous problems with hair loss caused from other hair extension types and clients wanting to retain the integrity of their natural hair while getting the hair they’ve always dreamed of.


Will Hair Lingerie damage my hair?

Hair Lingerie Hair Extensions are completely safe for your hair. This product had been designed to allow you to experience ease in application, comfort when wearing and a non damaging solution to your hair extension needs. In most cases people actually experience the repair and rejuvenation of their hair and a completely stress-free process allowing them to remove Hair Lingerie and return to their natural hair.


Is Hair Lingerie expensive?

No! Unlike other hair extension methods, Hair Lingerie works with our Specialists to create a consistent pricing structure. We believe each service should be billed according to the client’s needs and if those needs change, adjustments are made.